Propane Dealers Near My Location

Agricultural Propane

Due to the fact that propane can go practically anywhere it is an excellent option for farm use. At Thomlinson & McWhite, Inc. provides propane for agriculture throughout S.C. in Lake City, Kingstree, Johnsonville, Bishopville and Sumter.

Propane is used with flame engineering to eliminate weeds without harmful chemicals on organic applications such as tobacco, vegetables and vineyards. This enables safer practices for consumer consumption.

The use of propane generates high BTU’s to cure and dry farmer commodities. These efficiencies save time and energy, as well as cost, increasing the bottom line for the farmers.

Poultry is a prime illustration of the impact and effect it has on the success with development and quality of grower’s product.  As well, greenhouses controlled temperatures enable maximum grow in cold weather.

As farmers move forward to meet consumer demands for quality and organic products, propane is the primary source of fuel for 80% of all farmers in the United States.