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propane gas cooking

Restaurant Cooking

Propane Gas stoves are preferred by professional chefs because they offer instant heat, precise temperature control.
forklift propane gas

Forklift Fuel

Many companies prefer the use of propane gas powered forklifts because they operate with little pollution and they lift heavy loads faster and don’t have to wait to charge like electric.

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Tankless Water Heater

Using a tankless propane gas water heating system can save you money and increase performance.

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Commercial Propane

For Your Business

Your business needs propane delivery for cooking, heating, forklifts and more. Our Commercial Propane Services keep you powered without any worry so you can focus on running your business.

Propane gas is clean-burning reliable energy source that helps you get work done faster. Businesses use propane for forklifts, generators and even manufacturing processes. A lot of businesses use propane for heating a building, cooking, decorative lighting and water heating. 

Thomlinson & McWhite, Inc. helps companies like yours stay in business even in the weather changes. Some factories in South Carolina use propane gas as a back-up fuel source to ensure continued operation. Some companies use propane when the price of their main fuel source becomes too expensive or not available. Propane gas supplier, Thomlinson & McWhite, help fuel businesses for heating water, steam for manufacturing, power commercial dryers or farm equipment.